Kentuckians for Freedom (2008-present) is a political organization that encourages active participation in the electoral process. It also supports the production of The Rest of the News TV (which airs on a local alternate TV station in Louisville, KY), as well as distributes various bumper stickers. Website: The Rest of the News Website: The Rest of the News on YouTube: Director: F. G. Simon Social Media Manager: Zack
We started a Go Fund Me for the creation of a new pro-life documentary. We hope to interview various individuals in Kentucky in the pro-life movement, as well as get new equipment. #TROTN #DVD #documentary #project #Minds
If we want to go back to the fundamentals of liberty, we are going to need to share classic works like The Law.
Ok, I may have shared this before, but just in case you all haven't gotten around to it yet, here is the audio book form of The Law, by Bastiat. It was written in the 1850s, but as for the fundamentals of law and property, it still remains important. #TheLaw #LegalPlunder
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