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The Importance of Oak Barrels

KarenStewartDec 27, 2018, 3:21:23 PM

Among the oldest objects that have been used in the storage of wines and other liquids are the oak barrels. The oak wood is used in making these containers known as oak barrels. Though the practice of storing wine in the oak barrels was a traditional practice, it is in use up to date. This is because it is regarded as a way of adding some flavor to the liquids such as wine. This is because the practice is known to be a way of enhancing the flavors in the wines. The most popular barrels used inn the storage of wines are the oak barrels.

The oak barrels are not very available for sale anywhere. When you want to buy them, it may take you some time looking for a place to buy them. Freedom Oak Barrels is a company that specializes in the sale of the oak barrels. At Freedom Oak Barrels, you are able to get different designs and sizes of the barrels. Some of the options you may have includes the American personalized oak barrels and the ageing whisky oak barrels. Wine storage in the oak barrels has many advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows.

You may enhance the taste of the wines by storing them in the oak barrels. The taste is enhanced by a slow oxidation reaction that happens in the barrel. This oxidation also enhances the color of the wine. The oxidation also causes the reduction of astringency.

In this process, the wine loses water. Racking is therefore necessary as time goes by. Racking of the wine will help you to filter the wine making it even cleaner. You also improve the fruit flavors through this process. Check out this oak barrels for whiskey aging here.

Oak barrels have chemical values that are added to the wine when stored in them. This comes from the chemical compounds found in the oak tree which greatly improves the wine. Volatile phenols, which add the vanilla flavors, is an example of such compounds. Another example is t6he lactones, which brings the induction of the woody taste. The oak tree also have tarpenes. Tarpenes are responsible for the tea and tobacco tastes in the wine. The tea and tobacco tastes in the wines are added by the tarpenes.

Fermenting of the wine in the wooden oak barrels is also more effective than steel and other tanks. Some of the laws also require that whiskey is aged in the barrels made of wood. The ageing of straight whiskey for example should be up to two years in oak barrels in America. The barrels also enhance a very effective maturing of the wine.

Other than being kept in the museums, the oak barrels can have many more important uses. They can be very useful for wine makers and enhancement of wines. For anything you need about the oak barrels, the Freedom Oak Barrels have got you covered.

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