I don't know where I am going with this page. I dabble in a lot of things - video games, writing and anything that interests me. I like to meet new people and have a conversation. I like to think of myself as an Elite Average Gamer (PS and Xbox, maybe PC in the future). I have just enough skill not to suck. I would love to get into some sketch writing and videos, plenty of ideas just no one to share them with. What do you say, let's test the waters and see what crazy ideas we can come up with.
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Steven Crowder
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http://louderwithcrowder.com for podcasts articles and videos. Join #MugClub for daily show.

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Mom 🖤 | Wife 💎 | Stylist ✂️ | Cookie Decorator🍪| Fitness enthusiast 💪🏻 | Plant addict 🪴 | Holiday obsessed 🎃 🎄 | DIY-er 🔨 | Bunny mama 🐰

Laura Ainsworth representative for Japan. Producer, "This is Vintage Now" series. Vintage music and culture presented with thoughtful and interesting commentary. _____ SONG REQUESTS: Recommended tip: 4 tokens per song Recording Date/Genre Guidelines: Up to 1962: Any genre is fine 1963-1967: Any genre but rock or folk 1968-1979: Bossa Nova, MPS Records, and non-rock easy listening music only (Song videos cannot include any NSFW content, sorry.)

I'm just a guy who talks about video games, TCG's, and other gaming related things. I'm trying to build up a new site/brand with honest reviews of games, honest opinions, and with content creators willing to stand firm in what they believe and not bend their knee to opposition.

Indie Game Supporter | #indiedev #gamedev #indiegames | Pixel & Concept Art Enthusiast, Work I share is not my own!!| #conceptart #pixelart | Pretty much all Nerd things |

memes, skateboarding, and gaming also like to rap from time to time

A father and daughter writing team. I post flash fiction regularly along with photos. Every Wednesday I post a #WeeklyWritingContest for everyone. If you like what I do a donation of tokens or money would help a lot. https://ko-fi.com/danclarke

NASA on Minds fan page.

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