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‘Reverend Holliday' is a pseudonym not an actual representation of any position, title, or name held by the person operating this channel. Both 'Reverend' & 'Holliday' are however indicative of characterizations emulated by the channel operator. **** About the Reverend: American: Born and raised in the great USA, God Bless America! Constitutionalist: I believe in freedom and the God given rights of all Americans. Christian: Not just in title only and above typical stereotypes, I’m a follower of Christ *** Likes: Doc Holliday, Patriotism, Guns, the US Constitution, Freedom, Civil Discourse, Funny Memes, Donald Trump Dislikes: Political Correctness, Bullying, Censorship, Tyranny, Racism or any ideology or POV that supports or defends racism or propagates genocide - Islam, Nazism, ALT—right, Modern feminism, communism, socialism, etc *** A couple rules for subscribers and visitors to my channel: 1) Maintain civility. If you cannot contribute to a conversation without using ad hominem, making unsupported claims, or showing hostility then do not contribute. Respect is earned. If your idea of an opinion is hurling insults and using personal attacks you will be blocked. I do not tolerate trolls. 2) Avoid using racist remarks. Anti-race rhetoric is common on free speech social media and you are welcome to express yourself freely on your own channels. While you are visiting mine, please attempt to refrain from using racial slang or racist remarks in any manner while contributing to my channel. I do not tolerate racism or racist words on my channel or in life, nor would I wish to surround myself with anyone that deems that how someone is born makes them lesser or greater than others. 3) Blocking/reporting: I DO block people. I have only reported a few individuals for threats or illegal activities. I do not block or report people because I disagree with them. If they cannot follow the simple rules above they will get blocked. I also block and report spammers.
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Apr 2018
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