Hi, John Crypto here. I'm crypto and blockchain enthusiast for 3 years. Working on different projects over the years. Fallow me on

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Harnessing the power of clean energy to advance blockchain technology. Solar, Hydrogen, CryptoMining.

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I am a loveable and fun to be with entrepreneur. A blockchain enthusiast

bitcoin trading is not much different than stock trading and you can just as easily purchase and sell them. bitcoin is virtual currency just like other regular currency allows you to trade goods and services but unlike them, bitcoin works on Blockchain technology that makes it,

#unBEARAbles #libertarian In the last 15 years I've gone from my Young Republican self to so extreme libertarian that I'm flirting with anarcho-capitalism. Open to discussion with all viewpoints, but post rude bullshit in the comments and I'll block you. My brand of libertarianism rests firmly on voluntaryism and NAP. If you're okay with the murder of unborn children, we probably don't have much to say to each other. And no. I don't want to hear your nonsense about how being anti-Moloch violates voluntaryism. How's this for generic: I love Jesus, my family, my friends, my animals, my garden, my books and crypto. I've deactivated and reactivated my Twitter account 5 times this weekend because I hate Twitter but I really miss my friends over there. Hoping they get lured here.

Oct 2018
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