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Autodidact, Writer, Cyber Security Enthusiast, HTCIA, Veteran (Navy ATI). All opinions I post are my own.

I was Medically Retired (Discharged) from the Royal Air Force in 2014 following a 13 year career as an Intelligence Analyst. This channel will be all about my injury and my following recovery journey. We will discuss my medical diagnosis and subsequent treatment both from the MOD and NHS, pensions & benefits, as well as all the various service charities and everything in between. I'm hoping to publish one video a week hopefully on a Friday. Please bare with me as I am new to this but hoping to improve the quality of my videos as time goes by. I will be using a script to get me started and to ensure accuracy. I hope this will be of interest to civilians hoping to gain a better understanding and for military personnel perhaps looking at being medically discharged themselves.

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My current life mantra: ''Being too far from death detaches people from reality.'' Take the time to watch (DYOR on the facts) these three great red pilling documentaries and share them everywhere. Hellstorm - 90 minutes Europa - 12 part documentary - 12 hours The Greatest Story Never told - 6 1/2 hours I had (on 7/4/19 Gab suicided itself and got rid of points/scores) the 2nd highest Gab score in the world (/Pol/was #1), 47,000+ Gab posts, 22,000+ Gab followers and now dipping my toe into the free speech waters as of 9/23/18. I coined an acronym for a cultural/political ideology that I feel all white people worldwide should openly embrace called #TIRN. T - Traditionalism, not conservatism. I - Identitarianism, not conservatism. R - Race and gender realism, not conservatism. N - Nationalism, not conservatism.

Sep 2016
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