Host @ S o T o S p e a k | Proud father and husband Banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Coinbase for outspoken criticism of ethnomasochism and the Kalergi plan. Former owner / admin of social media's largest "It's Okay to Be White" community (until Facebook banned me and deleted my page at the request of the Congressional House Judiciary Committee).

Austro Libertarian/Hoppean/Nationalist/Anti Communist Action

I escaped from twitter. Polish liberty minded white nationalist, hate socialists of all kinds. Stop stealing hard working men's money. __________ Uciekłem z twittera. Polski wolnościowy biały narodowiec. Nienawidzę socjalistów wszelkich maści. Przestańcie okradać ciężko pracujących ludzi. The main difference in ancient Rome between a slave and a free man was that a slave couldn't own weapons.

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Proudly featured in the 2018, 2019 & 2020 Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) report on Antisemitism. Pan-Aryan psychonaut, praises Kek 5x per day, studying for his Doctorate in Zionology @ /pol/ University #ShallNotCensor #WPWW #NatSoc #RWDS #UniteTheRight #FourteenWords http://www.xyz.net.au/author/rfletcher/ https://wrongthink.net/Ryan_Fletcher https://vk.com/ryanfletcher https://www.bitchute.com/channel/jeODSc1GhbiZ/ https://gab.ai/RyanFletcher1589 https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/RyanFletcher https://starsona.com/ryanfletcher https://www.celebvm.com/askryanfletcher Bitcoin: 1K97wFpWrpz1g3qz3fg2ubSYamtDEMXkYk Ethereum: 0x62507815F9bcC2b38160a5D891E06B3DbC979fB2 Litecoin: LhMEe2a335cfEfN2jxv8hZw69adWvoUjhC Zcash: t1VY9ko7xPRT8oneAryeoHZXK91y1Z9wXzV Monero: 46ikuiWGDcDB4MoFwWJxMRLDTwAtTBGf5YumZB6czyWbSWMYyukq6UbdG6w25nvBia32wCfZFw7ZtdxmD7yV5PedRGSzZrs

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Uncucked Hoppean Thelemite with a background in Latin and Greek classics. Interests include libertarianism, Western Civilization and the Western Mystery Traditions.

Aug 2017
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