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Hello There, my alias is Vorkaron, i am going to maintain a relative state of anonymity for the time being as i am anti pc culture and live in a country that embraces it .My political alignment hovers around that of classical liberalism and a decendant philosiphy minarchism, as well as being a computing student (although fortunately the university has enshrined free speech) I will be writing a blog on here, debates discussion and educating is encouraged (in other words if you can beat my ass intellectually, do)
Welcome to my page: Feel free to subscribe to me on YouTube @Controversialmatters Follow me on twitter & Gab @ControMatters European Patriot
Passionated about information flows, web developement, truth, health and society
I am a musician and I play guitar,mandolin,harmonica,and I love to sing. I'm a fan of live music especially acoustic blues and groovy folk.I don't like Hip Hop,feminist,and SJWs!
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Jun 2015
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