Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy


The First Title of IronVerse comics. The BEST of the Weird Space West! ACCT run by Cody Fernandez

PROPAGANDA FOR THE HEROIC AGE ↯ To survive you will need - brutal honesty - mental health - physical strength - heart to follow - self to develop - loyalty of your gang - sense of humor - joy in struggle - a burning need - nothing to lose.

Syndicated Cartoonist and Author Brian Anderson is the creator of the syndicated comic strip "Dog eat Doug", which enjoys an international fan base both on and offline. He is an optioned screenwriter and the author of several children's books, including "Nighty Night, Sleepy Sleeps" and "Monster Chefs". He is currently working on the upcoming YA series, "The Conjurers" with Crown Publishing. Visit my website, sign up for my newsletter and get a free Dog eat Doug ebook collection: http://theconjurers.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dogeatdoug/

Artist & comic creator. Fan of Coffee, Lovecraft, Comics, Sci-fi, MMA, Tacos, 80's & 90's stuff, The United States Constitution, #ComicsGate https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGye6_6M2JmC_4PBEhUyy1A

CHEFs #1 SIGN UP: https://bit.ly/2MHl7sT | Award-Winning Cartoonist, Comic book writer and artist. Youtube.com/drawandtalk

Pastor, Artist, husband, and father. #comicsgate

Artist/writer. Creator of [email protected] and T-BIRD & THROTTLE.

Politically neutral digital art hobbyist trying to find the fine line between posting memes and doing actual art. i do dnd character art and commissions are open.

Wanting quality and enjoyable entertainment is not a crime. http://youtube.com/c/comixdivision https://vimeo.com/comixdivision

I'm 26 years old & I like animation in terms of good quality in both animation & writing. I also sometimes draw & my dream is create an action cartoon series.

#Artist, #Entertainer, #VoiceActor, & #Colorist. 🎨🖌 http://allmylinks.com/lostleanore

Head writer for Hardcastle Comics. Keep your eye out for our flagship title (coming soon!). Our goals are quality comics, excellent customer service, and no compromise on principles.

Better Known as @dawdledeviewer on Twitter. @dawdlealoise is my art handle on social media sites. Aspiring Artist and Writer. Artísta y Escritora aspirante.

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