Writer/Youtuber I just published my first book Renegades Volume 1: Rise on Amazon. I make YouTube videos and post short stories every once in a while. Book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FYQX9ZD

Shitposts and shit takes. Mostly stolen.

I am a student to a community college and I probably will just post my blog and comment on stuff and people I think are cool.

Gamer, Centrist, tired of all the Twitter Purists and their shit.

Writer: Superhero Space Opera The Uplift Protocol

I'm a guy who likes writing, reading and gaming. Sometimes i do Youtube stuff, if i have motivation. Also a wannabe emo. Back up if twitter screws me over.

Life, Liberty, & LULZ | Marxism is tyranny | Political Correctness is a totalitarian, utopian cult | Everything you enjoy will be ruined by talentless hacks | LIB.STA.STE

Retired Army Medic, Doc Comeau, and Jack of all Trade Kenny Santos hosting "That's On Point! A long-form, Podcast of in-depth conversations between two crazy personalities on various topics. No subject is too taboo for these two.

Aug 2017
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