Those who say there are no snakes in Ireland have yet to encounter me in the wild. On a serious note, I like criticising and mocking PC culture and social justice.I like to mock feminism, Islam, Marxism, neoliberals, neocons, (((globalism))) and pretty much anything to do with the Clown World Most of my criticism will be directed at the regressive left and neoconservativism, because of their power over the Western media, in politics and in education. Call me a fascist if you want, it could be true for all you know. Who knows? But take note that I am proud to be male, gay, white, and most importantly, IRISH. It's okay to be white, you cannot change your sex, don't invade Iran, Trump has been comprised, Angela Merkel is the greatest threat to European civilisation and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. Anyway, enjoy my feed and try not to get bitten. You can also find me on Tá sibh aitinn. Agus is cuma sa toll feisithe liomsa. Díul mó bhad.
Friendly and cozy hotel in tbilisi
Babies Are People. They Are One Of Us.
Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.
Both a teacher and student of yoga, with an interest in all spiritual disciplines, philosophies and religions. The only way our society can move forward, is if people are free to have open discussions, share ideas and express differing points of view.
freelancer photographer , writer and motorbike lover
Sometime writer, new to social media, and the 21st century really. Learning how it works. I'll try to post thoughts about matters and also verses written over many years.
A simple Irish Guy, who has operated in many nations, most recently Pakistan/Afghanistan border whilst on duty I was held hostage from March 2020 until June 2020, managed to escape with sixteen stitches to my forehead, NOW with certain governments afraid I will talk, I have an understanding of the Madness, I have survived been in the belly of the beast, my brothers with PTSD I hear you 'LOUD AND CLEAR' , now its time to PUSH BACK, Losing is NOT AN OPTION.
I help ambitious people to finally end chronic back pain through personal growth, education and mind-body solutions.
I am reverse-psychology with two legs
Nov 2016
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