Reaching the world through my fingertips. This is the moment when the small becomes the big. When the powerful becomes powerless Ⓜ
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Conscious-themed commentary for the youth. Awakening, educating, and enlightening the next-generation. HISTORY: It was the summer of 2015. Two young friends started a podcast after realizing their generation is headed for the gutter. After 1 month of podcasting, Dissent Radio was discovered and picked up by Bud and Roach Entertainment, now distributing the show to their global audience of grassroots listeners. MISSION STATEMENT: To awaken, enlighten, and educate the youth into becoming independent and self-aware individuals. ​ VISION: Uniting those of critical and investigative thought in order to spark about a revolution of consciousness. Notable guests: Dr Jill Stein, Luke Rudowski, and Christina Tobins! Available on

Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

Welcome to my channel. I am an aspiring conservative video game journalist. I am starting small with let's play's but as my channels grows. I will do bigger and better projects. May channels are here.

The truth that I can discern thus far, but subject to change with new information. All donations greatly appreciated, but not required. Light the beacon.

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Comedian. Coach. Content Creator. Libertarian. Free Speech Advocate. American. 

Scottish anti-globalist; anti-regressive; anti-thought policing freethinker.

DJ/Producer/HipHop/EDM/ . DJMORPH.COM Insta: @DJMorph Snapchat: DJ_Morph . DJ Morph has remained a staple in the genre, commonly regarded as one of the premier Dj’s of our market. With five nationally distributed albums, a Dove award nomination and extensive travels both nationally and internationally. Having toured across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia several times over, DJ Morph has been privileged to communicate his passion for God and for his artistry with thousands, inspiring the young and the old alike to live with a purpose worthy of their God-given potential. DJ Morph is currently hard at work on his next major release. The project will again assemble artists from around the world to form a musical landscape poised to push the limits of sound while delivering a message of truth and hope.

Banana Republic
Jun 2016
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