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Welcome, You Are Infinite Imaginarium

InfiniteImaginariumApr 6, 2022, 4:55:05 AM

We are Shaman, We are Hacker, We are Coder, We are System Thinker, We are Artist, We are builder, We all start at beginner’s mind, all day everyday, its ok! Because We Together are Renaissance Mind.

We have no choice but to think together, ponder together, in groups and communities. The question is how to do this, how to come together and think and hear each other in order to touch and be touched by, the creativity, the intelligence and creativity we need to become whole. 

You have Entered the Imaginarium, where ideas roam free, where dreams are painted with reality, because at the end of history, it will be Art & Beauty that sets consciousness free:

Our evolution begins beyond the mind/body & space/time
It isn’t waiting anymore

Our evolution does not need approval or permission

It happens because it is happening in each being, neighborhood, village, city or town at gatherings of tribes, fellow hackers, dreamers & tricksters

people at the market, on the bus
It is gradual and soft
It is spontaneous and loud
It is happening already

It is found in your computer, your phone, your gut, your legs, your multiplying cells in the naked mouth of taut nipples and overflowing passion;

Allegory of Nature by Joan Pope, 2021

Allegory of Nature by Joan Pope, 2021. Available now on Dartroom: https://dartroom.xyz/nfts/asa/438613893

You are floating in a comic sea. EVERYTHING is liquid. NOTHING is solid. YOU DON'T KNOW! You extrapolate based on past experience. Nothing more. Stay teachable. Nothing in my world turned out tho be the way I was taught. (old guy)

KDJH: Satori has so much energy its electric- We must cherish our encouragers..... This was written about 10 months ago, Creating a flow of awareness:

We create these bias patterning processes, to hand the teraflops of information we interact with on a daily basis. We perceive and receive far more sensory input than we could ever process. So we need a human system to create decisions. 

This is why we have a sub-awareness place in us predictive responses. If we went thru all life from child's mind, we would have in effect no ability to decide anything. We would be trapped in a process of hashing a block of information, to create a new response every time. 

In a reality tunnel, we begin as everything, and hone our process with time. We create boundary's and responses. We feed interest and awareness with what nurtures that, so we will be a product of identity. 

That is the ancient system of participation. Think of your reality tunnel, as a strand of fiber in a twisted rope. The rope is strong, because it is a combination of individually week components. by weaving them with a spiral, they are capable of lifting very heavy loads, and surviving many brutal tugs. 

Your reality tunnel, is this very effect. You are a strand of participation, that uses the combination of other to produce a field of normality. This normality is repeatable because its there every time you open your eyes, and its structured from the belief that the past is a good barometer of the future. Its the foundation of your world view, the very rules of engagement you consider to be your own, that are in reality a group off additions and subtractions you proceed with every day.

Our evolution is swelling from the insatiable drumming of eternity
Our evolution is the heartbeat of the universe
Our evolution is the spark of life itself
Our evolution is willing to give everything for this
Our evolution is overthrowing the state of bliss

Of beauty so intense that no one, and i mean no one has the guts to name it
Our evolution will not be choreographed although it begins with a few familiar steps.
We let chaos take the lead, so that we can dance to the songs of eternity

A certain juxtaposition of blockchains, words, images, sounds and visions. I’ll cut out the images or clip the audio and paste it to a mixtape, And the cosmic giggles echo in our dreams.

we're looking at lyricism as coding. we're looking for "hand-words". we're looking to streamline ideas and be able to express them in ways that speak directly to the core and essence of something that we all already know and that we are already connected to.

We have to take seriously the notion that
understanding the universe is our responsibility,
because the only understanding of the universe that
will be useful to us is your own understanding.

We often like to think that our map of the world is wrong,
that where we have centered physics, we should actually place
literature as the central metaphor that we want to work out from.
Because we sometimes think literature occupies the same relationship to life
that life occupies to death. A book is life with one dimension pulled out of it.
And life is something that lacks a dimension which death will give it.

We imagine death to be a kind of release into the imagination in the sense that for characters in a book, what we experience is an unimaginable dimension of freedom.

When we look within; the paths of the heart
leads to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity

It’s fun to take responsibility. It’s fun to dive into the waters. One hard thing to put across to one’s self and to the 'other' is that the universe is a more friendly place than we have been told. 

The world is entering into a phase of progressively more chaotic oscillation. This is not a consequence of what human beings have done, it’s part of the dynamics of the human-biological-geological matrix that represents the planet. Biology never stands still. It moved from the unicellular phase into the multicellular phase, it occupied all niches, it left the oceans, it occupied the land. It then entered into linguistic phase space: it entered into the domain of meaning, and there it erected conscious reflecting societies and individuals. Now, through the catalytic interaction with technology, the human species is getting set to redefine itself.

Cheat your landlord if you can -- and must -- but do not try to shortchange the Muse.

Welcome to The Dead Spoken Word Society,
Time to dust off your old spoken words,
Time to bring out those hidden poetic gems,
Time to sing all those dark secrets to your friends 

Time to bring back Infinite Imaginarium Collaborative Games! The Idea is this: pick out a 'Dead' Spoken Word Poems that you have. WE will edit them with some background music and some visuals, put them together, and have A Infinite Imaginarium Mixtape. Infinite Imaginarium as a general principle works under creative commons ethos, just be mindful of any poems submitted will be consider creative commons, unless otherwise notified. 

A 'Dead' spoken word is a old or never finished poem, this is the time to rise them from the ether. Note: the poem can also be alive, meaning new. The whole 'Dead' thing is just a fun play on Dead Poets Society. :: Connect * Collaborate * Create ::

But I think we are going to play with an old thread Satori was beginning to pull during the The Minds Poetry Group Open Mic Nights

After that its off with Pluto to eat some golden mushrooms caps 
Wash it down with some OJ, so we can make 
Our flight to the simple life on Mars, picking the lock of the Monolith 
Trying to transcribe ancient rhymes we found in a letter 
OH GOD, we unleashed the machines of Reincarnations 
Wrestling with gremlins in the machine, glitches in reality, 
Got to hit up Mac to translate the Dailtone, 
it read: I.3.t.u.m. echo, echo, Hexagram, I AM WAR, I AM REALITY 
Oh shit, Maybe Noah has a tip to free us from 
The tick-tock of the clock, you know, I know, we know, you know

How to Play? Comment, connect on minds chat, email: [email protected]

Post and tag @infiniteimaginarium in the minds poetry group.

What is The Value of Connection?

“You can’t evict an idea whose time has come”

What is this open source, collaborative co-creativity future?
How do we live in that future?
Who and what do we really need?

Occupy Reality; The process of Collaborative Change.
An organic open source, for the community by the community from the bottom up.
Solving problems in a creative collective way. Forge Solidary and Model a New Approach.

The best option is the option that creates the most new options!

It’s not a product but a process.
Open Creativity, Stronger Community
Synergistic Collaboration
The Dance of the Tribes. 

Living log in Creative Participation of The Whole.
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