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The Brexit Deal Deception: How British Democracy Was Used To Steal British Sovereignty.

InThisTogetherNov 16, 2018, 12:34:59 AM

The Brexit deal offered by Theresa May’s cabinet to Parliament today will almost certainly bring an end to her stint as Prime Minister and possibly destroy her government. It is far worse than 'no deal' and seems to have been specifically designed to make leaving the EU so unpalatable that neither the majority who voted to leave, nor the minority who voted remain, will ever be willing to accept it.

I suspect that Olly Robbins and the other staunchly pro EU members of the civil service, the unelected ‘men and women in grey suits,’ who actually run the government, have always planned for this to happen. This was the whole point of allowing the Brexit referendum to go ahead in the first place.

This utterly abhorrent Brexit deal effectively removes the possibility of any future, unilateral (ie. sovereign) decision by the British people to leave the EU. It ties Britain into a perpetual customs union which it can only leave if the EU agree to it. It carves off Northern Ireland and hands the Northern Irish people over, in their entirety, to the EU who will have complete oversight of Northern Ireland’s laws. It also ensures the UK are unable to economically compete on the world stage by ensuring the UK continues to obey EU laws and market regulations. These laws and regulations will continue to be decided solely by the EU. British Parliament will have no say whatsoever in their formation or future direction. Effectively it establishes Britain as a vassal, slave state to the EU.

It is not the BREXIT 17.4 million British people voted for. It is BRINO. Brexit In Name Only. In her speech to parliament Theresa May raised the possibility of the UK never leaving the EU. This was very deliberate use of language. It was no accident.

Needless to say, this suggested Brexit deal is not the product of a negotiation between equal partners. May’s glowing endorsement was little more than an exercise in spin. The devil is in the detail, and the details of this Brexit deal are unbelievable. It is the product of the policies of EU’s agents who have infiltrated all levels of the British establishment over the last 70 years. Their numbers include staunch ‘remainer’ Theresa May and her europhile Chancellor Philip Hammond.

The current Brexit deal is so unimaginably bad only two possibilities are feasible. Either the entire British government, or the pro EU civil service who control them, are irretrievably stupid or it has been specifically designed to ensure a third referendum, before Brexit can ever take effect. We can conclude this because there is no chance at all of this getting through Parliament. So why would any cabinet office agree to offer up such a deal unless that was its objective?

And now we will spend months and years arguing over the struggle to leave the EU. Under this deal such discussion would be irrelevant. the UK simply cannot leave without the express consent of the EU. Meanwhile, while Britain engages in yet more futile debate, the EU plan for total dominion continues unchallenged.

Brexit was nothing but a deception. It is now clear that its sole purpose was to distract the British electorate’s attention by offering them the delusion of regaining their national sovereignty. While engaged in this forlorn and ultimately meaningless exercise, the unelected, unaccountable EU cabal were free to pursue the next stage in their plan for a continental dictatorship without any resistance from the British people. Because, if the British people had any idea about what has been done to them, while they bickered over trade rules, a ‘no deal’ Brexit would have been a certainty.

The purpose of Brexit was simple. To ensure Complete EU Military Unification.

The Whole Purpose of the Brexit Referendum

By signing up to PESCO, the Permanent Structured Cooperation Agreement, 25 former sovereign European nations have already agreed to give away their right to unilateral self-defence by committing to a single point of command and control under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

Every British citizen needs to understand, thanks to a series of bilateral defence treaties Britain has with ‘European partners,’ most notably France and Germany, Britain is also inextricably tied in to PESCO. This is the “breadth and depth of cooperation beyond anything the EU has agreed with any other country…a close and flexible partnership on foreign security and defence policy” May spoke about.

Despite clearly false statements from the British government this is no longer in dispute. The British electorate should be allowed to know that this is not a plan for an EU army, as some are now asking you to believe, it is complete military unification. All British air, land and sea forces, all defence policy, procurement and even the nuclear deterrent will come under the command of the EU. It isn’t 'going to happen,' it has happened. Unless we stop it. And the only way to stop it is to leave the EU with no deal.

No nation can consider itself sovereign and independent if it cannot unilaterally defend its own borders. The UK are the 26th European nation to give away any and all semblance of national sovereignty to the banking cabal that controls the EU. This policy decision has been taken behind closed doors, in secret, with no discussion even in Parliament, let alone with the British people.

The British can be forgiven for not knowing any of this because the British mainstream media have also been completely silent on the issue. But the secret had to come out of the bag eventually and the EU’s agents in the British Government desperately needed to distract the British people from reality. Hence Brexit.

This has long been discussed in Europe.

With a single unified Foreign Policy (the Common Foreign and Security Policy - CFSP), its own currency and Central bank (the ECB), its own Finance Minister and now, with firm policy commitments to develop its own military and nuclear arsenal, the EU is well on the way to becoming the world’s next superpower. As former Rothschild investment banker, President of France, Emmanuel Macron said, the EU needs to be able to defend itself from all adversaries, including the United States. This is undoubtedly why Vladimir Putin is in favour of the militarisation of the EU.

Rather than tell the British people any of this, the europhile Westminster elite allowed the British electorate to think their vote mattered. The British people were plunged into a bitter debate about the nature and scope of the country’s EU membership. Some were concerned about its lack of democratic oversight, others about the impact of uncontrolled immigration on wages, public services and social cohesion. So they voted to leave.

Remainers, believing the advice exclusively provided to them by international banking institutions like Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan and the pro EU mainstream media, such as the EU funded BBC and the Guardian, were primarily concerned about the economic impacts of leaving the single market and the customs union. Rarely balanced, but not without merit, The remainer's opinions, whether they knew it or not, has largely been based upon the economic advice of people who have universally failed in all of their ‘economic predictions’ and are deeply committed to the EU project. It is the corporate power block that serves their profit margins and political ambitions.

Nothing to see here, if you are British.

Many will argue that being part of a superpower that can counterbalance the unipolar dominance of the United States is healthy. Perhaps it is. However, what is very unhealthy indeed is to allow that kind of power to be wielded by people who owe nothing to the population they supposedly serve. People blissfully free from the restraints of democratic control, who care nothing about the will of the people because they have no need to do so. People who can never be removed from power by the electorate, who are appointed, not elected and whose only allegiance is to the global corporations who put them in power. In such a system, the 700 million people they rule over have absolutely no democratic rights at all, and their opinions are irrelevant. This is the definition of a dictatorship.

For those who so fervently support Britain remaining in the EU it staggers me that they simply seem unable to grasp, or don’t care about, this very simple, horrific fact.

The EU has no elected executive. The EU Commission and the European Council wield supreme executive power over the whole of the EU. They are not elected, they are appointed. They cannot be removed from power through any democratic mechanism because the EU Constitution ensures it is impossible to ever create one.

The farcical ‘election’ of Members of the European Parliament is a meaningless charade. The European parliament is merely the veneer of democracy that the Commission use to lend authenticity to the rubber stamping of any policy they chose to enact. It is an utterly toothless organisation whose only minimal power is to return policies to the Commission for ‘reconsideration.’

As we have seen with Brexit, and every other national referendum to leave the EU, the Commission favour the ‘slowly, slowly catchy monkey’ approach. They simply keep re-framing and resubmitting the same question, apply immense lobbying pressure and employ staggering levels of corruption, until they get the answer they want.

However, it is much easier to corrupt MEP’s. That’s why you are told you can elect them as your ‘representatives.’ Corruption is also undoubtedly the reason why the EU has failed to provide any independently audited accounts  for more than 20 years. It is simply a financial black hole for dirty money. Which is why criminal banks like HSBC are so keen on it.

The truth is MEP’s can neither make laws nor propose any policies. You may as well vote for your cat.

This is the level of honesty you can expect from your elected MEP.

Yet millions of British people, such as the recent Peoples Vote marchers, are apparently desperate to give away all our democratic rights to a bunch of corporate criminals whose despotic rule they seemingly prefer to representative democracy. I suspect this is because most have absolutely no idea about what the EU is, its history or how it functions. Just as they fail to understand why it really does matter if a nation can’t defend itself.

In part this is understandable. Since the Brexit vote, the pro EU bias in the British media has been truly eye watering to behold. This same media is entirely subservient to the international banking cartels who own both them and the government, so it’s hardly surprising that so many people are completely bereft of facts about the EU. That would require additional research. Something which most hard working people have neither the time nor the inclination to undertake.

The main focus of that pro EU media campaign has been to convince the British public that a ‘no deal’ Brexit is unthinkable.

It isn’t.

World Trade Organisation rules are the mechanism by which every other nation on Earth, yet to strike a trade deal with the protectionist EU, conducts business with them. In addition Britain is the EU’s biggest single export market so a deal with the EU is highly likely. Unless the likes of BMW, Citroen, Bayer, Glencore and AXA are really keen on the idea of throwing away hundreds of billions of Euros. More to the point, once free from the customs union and single market regulations, Britain could pursue trade deals on its own.

The UK would not need to hand over £39 billion to the EU for the pleasure of not getting a deal. The current proposed Brexit deal, which is no deal at all, would require the UK to hand over this blood money in exchange for nothing. Nor, under a WTO no deal, would the UK have to continue to give £15 billion every year to the EU. The tariffs that currently maintain high food and clothing prices for imports from outside the EU could be removed, reducing the costs which disproportionately impact upon those on the lowest incomes. If the EU wanted to compete for their biggest single export market they too would have to think long and hard about any ‘punitive’ tariffs.

It would be tough in the short term, as some trade disruption would be inevitable. But seeing as UK export growth to the EU has been zero, since it voted to stay in the EEC in 1975, and given that hundreds of UK companies have been relocated to mainland Europe, using EU subsidies funded by the British tax payer, remaining doesn’t offer any foreseeable long term economic benefit at all. Unless of course you are a City investment banker in which case it’s great.

If the British were able to see through the lies and propaganda and voted for a ‘no deal’ Brexit the Italians, Greeks, Hungarians, Poles, Portuguese, Spanish and increasing number of German and French citizens would almost certainly clamor to follow suit. Which is why it will never be allowed to happen. Unless we insist upon it.

If I were a betting man I would wager that Britain will have another referendum. The electorate will be given a choice between accepting the same kind of slavery offered by the current Brexit deal or remaining in the EU. Leaving on WTO terms will never be offered as an option in my view. But perhaps we can live in hope.

Just like the military unification that has happened while Britain was looking the other way, this discussion can only be held in the ‘alternative media.’ Any serious attempt to debate, or even mention, the potential benefits of a no deal Brexit are ‘verboten’ in the mainstream media. All references to this possibility are immediately attacked en-mass by ‘experts’ who are invariably, directly employed by the either the EU or the global financial institutions who can’t wait to get their hands on their very own empire.

So unless the British electorate rapidly inform themselves and insist on a vote for a ‘no deal’ Brexit it seems the unelected banksters who run the EU for their own gain, at everyone else’ expense, will soon have their own superpower.

He wasn't wrong.

But if, IF, the British people live up to their responsibilities and make use of the rights afforded to them through the sacrifice of millions who have stood up to tyranny, both foreign and domestic, in the past; if they demand that the Brexit referendum be honoured in its entirety; if they refuse to allow unelected EU bureaucrats to simply dictate what they can and cannot do; if they engage in mass, peaceful, civil disobedience and refuse to cooperate with the political and financial elite in Westminster who would sell their birth right purely to further their own pathetic ambitions, then there are many nations across Europe who would undoubtedly follow suit.

We now have our own means of communication and are not beholding to the diktats of the big communication giants. So if you read this, and find value in it, please share it. This effects everyone. Whether you are British or not, the world will not be safer with an unelected, unaccountable cabal commanding one of the largest armed forces on Earth. Make no mistake that is their intention.

If you are British this is the moment you have to actually stand up for your rights. If not, we are all lost.