~~~ Overview ~~~ British Blogger & Vlogger Content Creator Rabid Free Speech Advocate Clueless Entrepreneur Social Media Wannabee Cryptocurrency Noob Social Blockchain Ignoramus Bar Stool Philosopher _______________________________ ~~~ Biography ~~~ I am a former union steward, now an independent journalist, author, blogger/vlogger and free speech advocate from the UK who has come to realise we are all being farmed by a global corporate oligarchy. Free speech is under attack as we witness a global censorship and propaganda program roll out. I support decentralisation as an essential tool to combat this collectivist tyranny. I am relatively new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and have a lot to learn, but I see the potential and am enthusiasitic about the possibilities. I value evidence based research and reasoning. I work to support any and all who feel the same way. I write evidence based articles on my website and published my first book "Russia's Syrian Psyop" this year. You can buy it on Amazon if you must but I would prefer you downloaded it for free from my website. _______________________________ ~~~ Website ~~~ _______________________________ ~~~ Connect With Me ~~~ ~~~ Watch In This Together ~~~!/c/oyddodat _______________________________ ~~~ Recommended Websites ~~~ _______________________________ ~~~ Donate To Help Keep Me Going ~~~ BTC: 14PystdefTJSDmfam4qpaHQ6NJyT5DLsWW BTCH: qr2u68yyzdpy87tjpkxc5xv9832yrgz8s5u3jglpyw ETH: 0x96726199ca302F55E8Ddd272E48f5B1B036AB2AD ETC: 0xE20FcB0b033cC0a76692718427EB77E41184cAa1 _______________________________ ~~~ Tags ~~~ #informationwar #politics #conspiracy #cryptocurrency #science #steem #steemit #minds #socialmedia #inthistogether #britain #uk
With the UK Governments Proposed Online Harms legislation we are seeing the approach of the most stringent censorship of the internet in the western world. All social media, blogs, alternative news sites are in its sights as the State sets about silencing any and all criticism of its policies, actions and agenda. Pocketnet and similar solutions have never been more needed. The UK State is using the excuse of protecting children and tackling terrorism to suggest a verified login even to use the internet. This truly dictatorial legislation has been cleverly disguised with flowery language about "transparency", "freedom of speech" and "protecting independent media" when everything it proposes is specifically designed to censor, control and limit all. Check out my post above if you want to know more about the deception creating a dictatorship.
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