I'm Iain & I Believe Creating Memories; Capturing Moments; Making Statements and Telling Stories is what Art is really all about. It’s so much more than just capturing a moment with a camera and/or a brush and portraying it in a technically perfect way… It’s about creating something that stops the viewer, draws them in and makes them think! Imagine waking up on any given day and, as you walk through your home, having your senses and emotions tweaked because of the Art you have on your walls. It should be speaking to you, making you smile inside and out, and causing you to stop and be drawn into the images. Communication is the key to everything in this world and has absolutely everything to do with feeling good, happy and fulfilled, and it is only when Art is created with that in mind, that you can connect with it meaningfully. I believe Art should really communicate with you, it should grab you roughly by the lapels and hold you whilst you absorb what you’re looking at. It should then slowly and gently let go of you and straighten your lapels whilst whispering “I know you understand”. Whenever any Art does this to you take my advice and do your best to own it, position it in your home or office and spend time with it, often! The simple truth is that beautiful art makes for a beautiful home and can completely change the mood of a room, so look to fill your home & office with Art that creates the moods and environments you want to live in. Sometimes we know just what we’re looking for, and other times we don’t know until we see it, but we always owe it to ourselves to keep looking, because the right piece of work, be it a Photograph or any other form of Art, could be the very next one you see and will change your life forever. So, whilst you’re here, take a few minutes to check out my galleries. Make a point of clicking on ‘The Art of Life’ gallery to see my latest Art project. Also, have a browse on the ‘Hire Me’ pages and get a feel for the way I approach work for my clients and see if anything interests you about the work I do and the way I do it? if it does then let’s talk… I’m Iain & I believe that I can change your environment with my art.