Jocelyn L. H. Jensen is a Certified and Diploma bearing Hypnotherapist who has retired from live client practice. Originally from Chicago Illinois, USA, Jocelyn originally began her practice of hypnosis before she was old enough to actually be certified in the Art (Age 11 years; first subject session, June 1967, Houston TX). She immediately knew she was destined to use hypnosis all her life in the service of healing; and therefore began a lifetime of ongoing study, which continues today in her new home in the United Kingdom. Having obtained multiple certifications in the field of hypnosis and psychotherapy over the last 4 decades, plus founding the New Age Music Healing Sound genre Hypnotic Soundscapes, Jocelyn recently decided that one person at a time, session by session was much too slow a pace at which to deliver the healing she wished to give to the entire world. She found her answer in both Indie Audio Portals, and YouTube. Through multiple audio and video channels she presents literally hundreds of unique healing processes from which a viewer or listener may choose what best resonates with his or her personal needs.
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