arm chair monster diaboliholic ____________________________________ #ATV #Nature pics that I post are taken by @Reesemann and myself while out riding. As he now has a Minds channel, I will be tagging him when appropriate.
Mr Steal Ya Meme
Always happy to talk about the 3 big socially unacceptable subjects: Politics, Religion, & Money. Also History, Parenting, Future trends, Dr. Who, & more! I like a lively debate and generally expect to both learn something and teach something! But there is no space given for name-calling, hate speech, or personal attack. Are you in? We offer inspiring and educational video stories that help humanity evolve and create social, environmental, behavioral, and psychological change. Our stories highlight the interconnection and interdependence between all life.
Cheers, I'm a tech enthusiast, failed artist, a starting musician, general skeptic, connoisseur of many trades, an occasional hacker, etc. 🤔 I do/can accept PayPal donations for my "work", if you wish to donate some amount. Private message me & we'll sort out the details. Thanks ! 😊 BitCoin Address: 3C19HgNP4ADvySv4Q9hred8JuTS8tyDddK Etherum (ERC-20 Token) OnChain Receiver Address: 0x826d6c24761ef8cac76e909f8a5fa3ee27cafc6d All of my posts organized (archived) under my very own created categories: (currently a work in progress)
I'm 38, I grew up in a small Communist country on the West coast of the united states called California.
Integrity Elegance Simplicity .. Oh, and sarcasm. PS - and actually dyslexic. So you don't get "smart points" for catching any mispellings, you just get sent to the re-education gulag for disability-phobia. R somethin'. So there! Btw, for videos, if I say something in academic language, I typically repeat the point in normal language immediately afterward .. so feel free to ignore any references or jargon. -- Unless it has a "for philosophers" warning, then you're just on your own. Youtube videos: Gab account: DONATION IS MOTIVATION! :) BTC: 1QJfNGruUoiG1o8YNcKCKg66TsQuW48pCu LTC: LbRsfa1UFmopDw7y89XRw6hLTP7xAutere ZEC: t1Nn5Bb96U3r6qkhsT4oAY3hLbSKfFRNqTT DASH: XiPZKH5LhwLbJhmLvZn5ksNpa3KSeecEQy
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