Renzo Viridis

I am a musician, occultist, and general Renaissance man. R.I.P, my son, Henry Alexander. Other hobbies include hiking, weight lifting, gaming, philosophy, science, and cooking.
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Behavioral services is the term used to describe the treatment of various disorders including mental illness, substance abuse, transitional and prevention services and education for the prevention of various diseases. Many different behavioral services are provided to assist those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, those suffering from mental illness or disease and the caretakers of these individuals with living out a semi-normal lifestyle.

PhD in Education MA in Psychology & Behavioral Science, BA in Education, Anthropology & Social Science, Advisor in Human Rights & Development

I'm just someone who is passionate about birds, Pokemon and other things. :)

Industrial engineer | Tattoo adict | Bunny lover

Dr. Umfer is a clinical psychologist specializing in the following: Media-Military-Forensic Psychology and Fitness and Nutrition. She authored The Zombie Solution and created Eat This Zombies which is on iOS and google play.

North Carolina, United States
Jun 2015
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