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Welcome awakened 👽 they are here. We are here. You are here. A channel for your mind to meet the awakened inner spirit. A place of promotion for higher vibrational frequencies of love and light. A page dedicated to the all encompassing truth of the paradox in which we live. Come one come all and enjoy the spread of words from mouth to mouth through the mountains and the valleys and the webs of internet. Clothing for the counter culture.

I became interested in politics for the first time when i was 17 and 9/11 happened. I realised the things the crazy kid in school had said about the NSA spying on people was going to become a reality. I also realised the media wasnt covering what happened the way i wanted and had assumed they would. So I went online to learn more about what happened and read all the conspiracies over the years. At the time we believed that 911 was going to be used for an invasion of Iraq, so we were hardly surprised by watching what happened in the years after. To this day nobody can figure out what role Iraq may have had, if any. Over time i discovered the advantages of background checks. I could run checks on every 911 terrorist associate and it would return me neutral, unbiased information. I began to build up a database of information and use it to map Al Qaeda as an organisation in the United States. I learned a lot since then and I found al-Qaeda operatives inside the US government and military, something the media assured me would be impossible. It is impossible to verify every detail of every story, but the stories i choose to highlight are always carefully curated. There will always be many more that I simply dont have the time to sit down and write up.

Jun 2015
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