Youtuber and Liberalist.

Free Speech Arctic Sea Ice Conversation & Pre–Traumatic Stress Disorder Support. Covering the Climate Collapse live from South Central Nuuk, Greenland.

Hoppean Anarcho-Feudalist, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings enjoyer

Self-taught jack of all trades, master of none. From the hellish temperatures of sub-tropical South America, you are welcome to have a seat at this filthy armchair. Here, grab a cold mojito, and enjoy the dankness about to be spilled. WARNING: I'm not an expert or professional on any subject at all. I'm not a medical, financial, psychological or otherwise a professional capable of giving reliable technical advice on any subject. Everything I post is either a joke or my personal opinions / experiences / views. (free profile pics used from pexels.com and pixabay.com)

I make #truecrime videos on my YouTube channel and shill them relentlessly here for views and subs. May also express opinions. Home of my own dumpster fire. https://www.youtube.com/ThatCrimeGuy

Just another refugee fleeing an oppressive regime

Jan 2018
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