https://youtu.be/m6bSsaVL6gA THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD. Upside down, inside out. Led by inexperienced children. Rome all over again. Their rhetoric? Everything is fine, so lets destroy it. Lets pretend to hate ourselves, our culture everything because we are brainwashed into not being able to think for ourselves anymore. Let's listen to a USELESS DEGENERATE SELFISH HYPOCRITICAL celebrities instead. Lets ignore the FACTUALLY obvious and go with brainwashed, utterly selfish FEELINGS. Lets have ZERO EMOTIONAL MATURITY. YES. Its Clown World all right. FREEDOM is more important that security. That is what the uber corrupt UN wants to take from each of you. CENSORSHIP, PC, CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS... all pushing not just a left wing agenda, but an extreme and FASCIST one. And fascism lives on the LEFT. Hitler was a socialist and Mussolini a Marxist no matter how much Google tries to obfuscate the truth. ANTIFA is exactly the same as Hitler's brown shirts and Mussolini's black shirts. They are Fascist to an extreme. The irony of our age. Q. How can humanity be good without Jehovah God? A. By continually lowering their standards. PROVE ME WRONG Turn off the TV, stop going to the movies, go back to hobbies, skills, trades, use your hands and your mind... Take the red pill....
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