Guild of Gentlemen


Resurrecting morality, masculinity, traditionalism and gentleness in men. A Guild of Western values for the cultural renaissance of the modern world.

PROPAGANDA FOR THE HEROIC AGE ↯ To survive you will need - brutal honesty - mental health - physical strength - heart to follow - self to develop - loyalty of your gang - sense of humor - joy in struggle - a burning need - nothing to lose.

a place for me to express my mind and the creations of my hands

Proud Monarchist & Nationalist. Feminine, not feminist. « Je suis fatigué de ce continuel divorce entre moi et tout ce qui m'entoure. Je suis fatigué de l'indignation. J'ai soif de vivre au milieu d'autres gens que des malins, des canailles et des imbéciles. » — Henry de Montherlant «I distrust every idea that doesn’t seem obsolete and grotesque to my contemporaries.» — Nicolás Gómez Dávila « Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart? » — Saint Gerard Majella « C'était un homme de l'ancien temps. Quand il avait parlé de Dieu, il avait mis la main à son chapeau et l'avait soulevé. » — Barbey d'Aurevilly, L'Ensorcelée « Sans les chefs, sans les saints, sans les héros, sans les rois, l'histoire est inintelligible.» — Charles Maurras «Car c’est cela que je hais, que je maudis et que j’abomine du plus profond de mon cœur: cette béatitude, ce confort, cet optimisme soigné, ce gras et prospère élevage du moyen, du médiocre et de l’ordinaire.» — Hermann Hesse

Today's moral fabric is used to strain out those of depth, loyalty, and virtue. The American government, (and the rest of the west) fuck the entire world for Israel... Now wave that flag robot . There is no hope for white men in democracy . Capitalist vampires & Zio commie secret societies bought our Peoples/Nations sovereignty for a song. Gentile traitors got rich, and still do, all from OUR peoples dispossession, & genocide. 3rd pos pozzed...forever benevolent!

It's my mission as a thinker, writer and coach to give the spirit a heroic-spiritual backbone and raise the thymotic fire within, in order to become master of destiny. I do this through my writing, personal coaching and organizing workshops. I help to increase your creative power and get a grip on life. I seek to strengthen the spirit, unlock the inner fire, and master destiny. Yours truly,

If you have half a brain, you can easily find out who I am. If you can't, then it's probably better for me that you don't. Don't be scared! Be prepared! Know your enemy! "If you don't know anything about your enemy, you cannot defeat your enemy, and you shouldn't even be on the battlefield!" ~ William Cooper Visit to learn more! Mirrored Sites: FUCK THE JEWS! - IF YOU AREN'T NAMING THE JEW, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Bitchute: &

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