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I make stuff. I also post memes in a not too spammy way. Subscribe now!
Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Hello everybody, this channel is of many things; drawing art, writing parodies, taking videos or photos of places I've visited. I'm also a youtuber and I'm on bitchute who likes to do exploration, i hope to gain interest from people subscribing to provide support and help me in furthering the expedition to explore all over the world. I also have Zazzle created to sell my Red Pill Philosophy i created. Most of my drawings i've been creating would go on the products as with my philosophy. The reason i named myself the "red pill samurai" is because i am striving to better my own life and live as well as help teach others too, which is why i created the red pill samurai philosophy.

ad astra per aspera 馃挏 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 Japan enthusiast 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 I like Celts 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 I don't own any content i post here

Some times I share my thoughts

Weaver of destinies and master of physics. Graphics designer by passion and trade. 鈥淒espair has its own calms.鈥

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"i" It Only Takes "1"... Thought To Create An Idea, To Enlighten 1 Person, To Start A Movement, That Will Free Mankind! & It Only Takes One Free Gesture Of Kindness, To Free A Victim, That Gets Enlightened & Becomes A Victor For Victims!

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Mar 2017
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