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Communications minded company established in Quebec city in 2005. GEC is specialised in magazine publishing, producing unique multimedia content, as well as syndicated radio shows and newspaper articles for various stations, channels and publications. - Fondé à Québec en 2005, GEC est spécialisé dans la publication de magazines et du contenu multimédia unique ainsi que des émissions de radio et articles de nouvelles pour différentes stations, chaînes et publications.

Authentic culture multi media magazine. For those in search of one part information, one part dream and one part solace, States of Splendor has been created as a harbor in the virtual world. Although in the virtual world, States of Splendor is firmly anchored in the real world. Throughout reality, there are amazing examples of Splendor that exist through natural beauty and scenery, as well as through the human work of generations, creating wonders big and small. States of Splendor sometimes focuses on the grand sights and deeds, at other times on the small often overlooked phenomena that we come into contact with everyday. In all corners of the world, individuals, businesses, objects, nature and culture often put forth true treasures sometimes veiled in simplicity. We hope the time spent on this online magazine can be entertaining and truly interesting. Feel free to contribute, if you have seen one or another item you would like to share with us. [email protected]

Correctrice, rédactrice pigiste à Québec et à Montréal.

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États de Splendeur Magazine traitant de culture authentique, gastronomie et terroir

Oct 2018
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