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Hi everybody! Welcome to Deliverance and Dragons, home of The Godly Dragon Show and Den of Dragons! The Godly Dragon is a Christian ministry that evangelizes by means of clean, educational, and entertaining videos! I make videos from Christian apologetics to fun videos such as clean reviews of movies and video games. The main show is The Godly Dragon. Why a dragon you may ask? To me, it's a symbol of setting fire to all that is ungodly. Den of Dragons is another branch of this ministry, which is a musical endeavor where I record covers of worship tunes and clean secular songs with a good message. I also compose my own original music as well! You can subscribe to Den of Dragons on Soundcloud and look it up on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other major outlets! God bless! Email me for access to my discord server: [email protected]

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Steven Crowder
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On a life-long mission to create the World's Largest Pipe Organ Arrangements Library. 270+ Arrangements made thus far. Sheet Music Arrangements on my Musescore profile (between YT and Twitter Links below).

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Dad, Musician, Geek.

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🧠Recovery Warrior🛡 📝Authoress 💻 🦁Gryphon🦅 👥Ambivert👤 🎧Music Freak 🎶 🗽United We Stand 🇺🇸 🛐Faith In Christ✝️ 🐉Furry🐾 🖋Inkstained👩🏻‍🎨 🥦Natural & Fit💪🏻

I'm a Christian and live under the values of God first, Family, and work. I have a beautiful wife and five amazing children.

I'm a follower of Jesus/Yeshua the Lion of Judah and King of kings. If you are as well then lets study the Word and fellowship together! My Website My Minds Groups Messianic Minds Conversation Group My YouTube Channel Other Great Minds Channels @Ephesians612 @ChristianConversationChannel @Kbug68 @ConserveTruth @Jaih4Truth @WVSam @Hisrefugewings @Danielsrz777 @Kbay @Borka23 @InHisGrip @MrScroggins @granddude @RichNY @dailyeffectiveprayer @JimArtmeier @Kiko_han @ChristopherRobbins1985 @Brian_Reynolds @Masterchief197 @thulanthile @IamSentme @RebeccaStewart @All4Jesus @BeenJamin @MarkOfTruth @PioneerBluePrint @MATSATI @Truth_The_Objective_Reality @Godsgrace777 @jackelopes Please respect my wife and I by not subscribing to my channel if you have any nudity or I will block you. I don't follow 4 follow, so please only subscribe if you enjoy my content. Thank you so much!

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Just a person with a passion for truth and defending Christianity, seeking to know Christ and make Him known - Apologetics -Theology

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