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I update whats there on my mind... Soy una persona que cree en que la mejor forma de aprender es disfrutar lo que se ense帽a y relacionar el contenido con alguna experiencia en la vida real, me gusta como el viajar te hace aprender de las culturas, sus comidas, formas de pensar, su m煤sica, su tecnolog铆a. como el deporte y las actividades f铆sicas nos hace consciente de nuestra salud y nos ayuda a relacionarnos con las personas al rededor de nosotros. El viajar me ha ense帽ado que nuestra forma de pensar no tiene que ser limitada y que nuestra visi贸n y pensamiento se expanden al conocer nuevos pa铆ses.

Insight from the past, inspiration for the future. As the leadership debated the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the Anti-Federalist opponents centered their opposition around the following major points: 1. The greatest threat to the future of the United States lay in the government's potential to become corrupt and seize more and more power until its tyrannical rule completely dominated the people. Much of this concerns hinged on the lack of protection for individual liberties in the Constitution. The Bill of Rights were an attempt to eliminate this seizure of power. 2. The new Constitution created a presidency too powerful. 3. The new Supreme Court would be source of massive abuse because they were beyond the control "both of the people and the legislature". Additionally, the judiciary would use the constitution's vagueness to make law 4. The national government become too isolated from the people and unresponsive to the needs of localities.

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Original cartoons whenever I get around to it.

Nova Scotia, Canada
Aug 2017
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