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Page with 23000 followers deleted by Twitter GeorgeGarbow Website for free videos, gifs, memes about Islam and politicians

Music in video games are often taken for granted, but some of the best music I got the pleasure to hear comes from just that! from video games! This channel is dedicated to show you the best music that video games got to offer, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride :) I'm making music mixes of games that have very good music. Both old & new games, also many different styles of music and types of games. Official Minds account for GameMusicHallberg You can also find me on YouTube. Soundcloud BitTube BitChute Twitter Steemit Enjoy the music!

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"I might disagree with your opinion, but I'm willing to give my life for your right to express it." 🌟Hello my name is:🌟 Tammy🌈 🙈🙉🙊 ღ ღ ღ ╔╦╦╦═╦╗╔═╦═╦══╦═╗ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ║║║║╩╣╚╣═╣║║║║║╩╣ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╝ ღ ღ ღ ♉ I will try to share with you the latest on news, beautiful art, and information that will make you think, and occasionally some music. 👽 ▓▓▀█▐▌▀▀▐█▀█▌█▐▀▀▀▐█▓▓ ▀╒╗╔╕╔▀▀╗╔╗▀╔╗▄╔▀▀╗▌▐▓ █▌╙╜▐▌▐█╝▌▐█▌▐█▌▐▌▐▌▐█ █▌╓╖▐▌┌▄█▌╘╗▌╘╗▌▐▌▐╘╛▄ ▄╘╝╚╛╚▄▄╝└▄╝└▄╝╚▄▄╝╒╕█ ▓▓█▐▄▌▄▄▄▌▄▄▌▄▐▄▄▄▐██▓ 🎵😎🎵 ╔══╗ ║██║ ║(O)║♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ╚══╝ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ Min- - - - - - - - - - - -●Max

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I am an inventor, author, blogger, Dream interpreter, researcher, teacher and most of all student of all things. I am a proud introvert, and often too edgy. I've been accused of being stupid, but never being closed minded; I always try to learn something new every day and like a true explorer I always share the most fascinating things I discover, everything I post will likely make you do a double-take if it doesn't just blow your mind, I focus my research on the subconscious mind to explore the deeper components to life.... click subscribe and let's go on an adventure together. I focus my posts on the most interesting and fascinating facts and misconceptions we have in society. My goal is to learn and share something new and interesting every day.

Redpilled experimental eclectic singer/songwriter/rapper/comedian/producer/ multiinstrumentalist/short story writer/podcaster/livestreamer. Over the years I have released dozens of music albums, thousands of songs, numerous comedy skits, discussion vids, etc. Been making music for over 20 years and redpilled comedy and discussion vids since 2017. Did a variety show podcast/livestream called The Various Vortices Of Xylen Roberts from February 2019 to January 2021. In May 2021, released two double albums, the indie art rock A Shoo In For The Shut In Awards and the more experimental Essential Travel. Before that I released over a dozen albums as Xylen Roberts and Mythshifter (my instrumental project) from 2012 to 2020 alone as well as many others before that. You can purchase many of these on my Gumroad (links below). In 2020, I also released a surreal post-ironic conservative radio dramedy called Tell A Vision and hope to do more in the future. Much of all of the above available on my JoshWhoTV and Bitchute, amongst other sites (links below). Most of my work is redpilled in nature with off/on post-ironic surreal fantasy elements. I have written songs and skits about everything from the dangers of 5g and vaccines, cancel culture, the police state, etc. The music is very eclectic in nature, ranging from everything from art punk to jazz fusion to electronica to alternative rock to hiphop and beyond. The comedy and stories can best be described as a combination of Million Dollar Extreme, William S. Burroughs, and The Simpsons. Censored on Google and YouTube; first Bandcamp terminated, second one shadowbanned; ripped off by Eric Andre and others. Most of my music, videos, etc. (including videos with evidence on the banning and theft) available at the links down below with JoshWhoTV currently holding the most comprehensive collection of my work done in the last decade. Links: (My main video site. Includes most everything I have done in the last decade plus I livestream there occassionally) (experimental singer/songwriter/rapper project that predominately explores art rock, experimental hiphop, and electronica) (I do a livestream every Sunday on D Live at 8pm EDT called The Various Vortices of Xylen Roberts) (Main place to purchase my music and other stuff) (my main video site. I am no longer posting to YouTube out of protest for them censoring and shadowbanning my videos. Soon I will be posting to LBRY and livestreaming to D Live. Stay tuned! (New Avadhuta Records site. Includes Xylen Roberts, Mythshifter, Phantom Fingers and other projects in full) (My lofi psych folk/indie rock focused project) (experimental instrumentals) (my second podcast where I do music reviews in the form of short stories. Currently this one had no schedule, as my time is short these days, but new episodes will come once or twice a month) (writing and social networking site) My minds Groups: (00s Music) (Edgy Redpill Entertainment) (Xylen Roberts Fanpage) +++An important aside: A few people hav e made the mistaken correlation that my name is ins someway a vague nod to Zionism. I just want to clear the air once and for all that this is completely false. I am NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM a fan of Zionism, and in fact have been deeply critical of it in the past (including, but not limited to, in my song 'Green Screen' I address my belief in the conspiracy theory that Israel participated in the manafacturing of Isis terrorist attacks on a green screen to use as a false flag smokescreen to push World War 3. I am also not a fan of Islam at all, but thats for another day. As I have stated in the past, I have been using the Xylen moniker for 20 years, its origins being a combination of randomly seeing the words Xylen Sulfonate on a shampoo bottle when I was showering one day and liking the sound of it and discovering later that the name had connections to the Portuguese language as well. While I would be hesitant to call myself as 'racist' against Juduaism as a whole, I am however comfortable with saying that I detest Zionism in all its forms. Thanks, that is all. +++ Thanks for all the support! Sorry if I miss anyone: @Shakara @FretzCapo @MilotaizZvirbulis @gmno aka Vinny From Brooklyn! @rodfather @james_doodles @Kalaherty @FloriaMagnifico @PirateRadioNetwork @Frockman232 @MichelleRomanek @InquisitorFirebrand @JaphyRyder @Willieleev1971 @ToughTaco @delastman @yelruhasil @Peninsolar @HankBarnes @Lisha @lilycreek @Rubb @Lotoscott @nkrpoetry @FenbenLady @Nenolsk @KerQuinn321 @raseone @GoodGodFather From D Live/WRPN: Reverend Jim

good to see ya! thanks, thanks! oh! hey! didn't see ya there! hey, maybe i'll see you in the, uh, 'newsfeed', - - otherwise, feel free to advertise your blogs or other groups or channels here wit' ourselves, anytime~

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