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Hey there! I'm FibS! I'm an aspiring multimedia artist currently focusing on digital artwork. I hope to expand into music, writing, games 'n' animation 'n' stuff someday!

Hi I draw things and write sometimes. I’d like to connect with more artists who draw or writes. I’m still getting the hang of Minds. I am confusion. explain America EXPLAIN

I am a cat. a cat that is a shade of blue with an interesting name. don't mind the picture

Co-Creator of the Web Comic Phoenix Rising! Haven’t read it? Go check it out on Webtoons!

Let's study the art of video game animation

Heyo! I'm a freelance comics illustrator and painter. I also aspire to be a violinist. I'm currently working on some stories of my own and would like to track my progress better. I hope you enjoy my work! If you like my work, become a patron!! OR do send a tip my way~

Studying to get better at drawing!

I'm still alive Creator of Fauna House, which isn't an impressive fact.

Jan 2017
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