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I had a whole montage idea in place to showcase some of the gameplay so far, however, I got swept away in surviving in the game that I felt I should just show that part off. Some of the newest features in the demo is the brand new inventory. Along with a bunch of new weapons. Starts off with what not to do if you want to live, followed by some actual tactful playing: Feeding yourself, finding weapons and armour, using resources to unlock treasure, passing time to restore your vitals, killing enemies. Hope you enjoy and can see some of the fun that can be had exploring and surviving in the game! Youtube: #yegdev #videogames #art #yegart #gameplay
Doing a major interface and inventory system update. It's been both daunting and exciting. Clearing up old crappy code while introducing a lot more gameplay mechanics into it. It's not complete yet, but now there is much more comprehensive information, and inventory management in place. It's going to play so much better, and brings a long a bunch of exciting mechanics. But that's a secret for now. :D #gamedev #yegdev #yegart #art #gamedevelopment
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