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I love Music, Mary Jane and Video Games.
Just a guy who loves video games. And sometimes arguing. But mostly video games.
A place meant for good fun and free discussion
Gaming, Gaming livestreams, Sarcasm, and whatever
Italy, videogames, movies, LoL 🎉
Just a Man who enjoys Vidya Games... real video games, none of this westernization localization censorship bull caca.
Gaming youtuber, 220k subs, I want to offer the worls more than gaming. Libertarian, Atheist, Dad
Freelance writer and illustrator. I love comics, manga and videogames.
This is a fan page for the artist Mac Lethal. This account is owned by the #MindsGaming Community. You can find his music in our music group, this page his youtube channel and many more. Here is our #Music Group Here is his youtube ~We take no credit for any of the material created by Mac Lethal. Contact the community @MindsGaming " Hey Mac Come Check Out Minds! "
Computer engineering major. Videogames, memes and politics. Anti-censorship, anti-insanity.
Mar 2018
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