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This channel is mostly about golf. All over the golf. But it is also about probability games, complex systems, skills & luck, beauty, and evolutionary important games.

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This Channel Is A Fan Page Dedicated To My Favorite RTS Video Game Franchise, The Command & Conquer Series. Here We Focus Primarily On The C&C Game Command & Conquer Rivals.

Welcome to my Chanel, Let's explore the world together, like and subscribe to me馃檹馃檹

GS4. A Uniquely In-Depth & Incredible Experience.

Thoughts become things. Torah's not dead
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Time traveler

Rapper from Vancouver BC, one half of the duo Bi-Polar Bandits, and solo artist, poet, painter, activist/hacktivist, Libertarian, ex-con turned Buddhist, trying to make a difference.

Marijuana advocate, Creator, Ever Evolving Being. Looking through the cracks for some of the truth before it's over...

Jan 2017
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