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I am a hillbilly with an education. I am a skeptic who holds strong political opinions. My opinions were not formed in the many classrooms of higher education, but through life, through the Marine Corps, through war, and through living in West Virginia where I have seen the best in people and the worst despair anywhere in the United States. My opinions are my own, if you don't like me, convince me I'm wrong, but if you plan to do that, please back it up with evidence.
Hi, i'm trying to get closer whit my idea and valor. obviusly are world doesnt go in the way i feel it should. My project is to share teach and learn about how we can make the world a better place. i speak English, french and would like to develop my Spanish. Have a nice surf-time! My quotes: -Staying an individual sharing a community, becoming a gear of a system or a member of a society?   #environment #planeteath #freedomofspeech #useyourmind #bethebestversionofyourself #think #AWAK #L'impartial #arts #LifeIsMyReligion #greatmindsareeternal #motivate #every #morning #butterflyeffect #murphylaw #fearisanillusion
Hi I'm Jimmy. I have a PHD in Dank Memeology & can eat 3 whole pizzas in one sitting.
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I listen to podcasts, read books, use finger guns way too much in normal conversation and communicate mostly in memes and GIFs.
Self taught Artist Blacksmith, avid skier, avid whitewater kayaker, outdoor loving, family man.
A Canadian couple with a Podcast. I'm Trans, Trans national. I identify as American
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Aug 2015
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