Mrs. Williams

Gardener Homemaker Wife Mother Catholic Caregiver American of German heritage American nationalist Anti -feminist #tradlife #homemaking. Did someone you know complain that I blocked them for no reason? Do they post sexually explicit images? Yea, that’s why.
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This group is a safe haven for femininity, in a world that wants to make women into men and men into women. We are here to become the best women we can be and to celebrate femininity. As the title suggests, the focus will be on becoming a lady: graceful, charming, gentle, sweet, poised, supportive, and submissive to our men. We reject feminism, misandry, and social justice activism. Posts about feminine skills and interests are welcome, especially: homemaking, parenting, feminine mannerisms and attitude, and beauty. This is not a religious group; if you want to make a point using examples from your religion, that is fine, but proselytizing is frowned upon. "There is, in this world, no function more important that that of being charming. To shed joy around, to radiate happiness, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of grace and harmony, is this not to render a service?" --Victor Hugo, Toilers of the Sea **IMPORTANT: Do not post anything that could be used to identify you and thereby result in doxxing! There are crazy people out there who are so threatened by natural, normal things that they will track you down and make your life miserable!**
United States
May 2018
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