Fhedesh is a electronic DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California that emerged on the L.A. late-night and after-hours scene in warehouses across Southern California. Drawing inspiration from the practices of vampirism and theatrical dark expression,Fhedesh’s music evokes feelings of mischief and sophistication, while also exploring concepts of immortality and lavish living. Fhedesh’s mysterious life parallels that of some of the world’s darkest figures, so listeners will find his music and theatrical dark expression draws parallels to Witch House Experimental, Trap & Electronic Music, while he is the creator and curator of Drac’Haus, the number one underground Gothic Club in Los Angeles. Fhedesh’s new album Warning Signs is released in November and the first single out of the album is the same-titled song “Warning Signs”. click link to view warning signs video https://youtu.be/ivnE7r1Mtcc
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Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."
„Von der Moralität der Schaubühne. - Wer da meint, Shakespeares Theater wirke moralisch und der Anblick des Macbeth ziehe unwiderstehlich vom Bösen des Ehrgeizes ab, der irrt sich: und er irrt sich noch einmal, wenn er glaubt, Shakespeare selber habe so empfunden wie er. Wer wirklich vom rasenden Ehrgeiz besessen ist, sieht dies sein Bild mit Lust; und wenn der Held an seiner Leidenschaft zu Grunde geht, so ist dies gerade die schärfste Würze in dem heißen Getränke dieser Lust. Empfand es der Dichter denn anders? Wie königlich, und durchaus nicht schurkenhaft, läuft sein Ehrgeiziger vom Augenblick des großen Verbrechens an seine Bahn! Erst von da ab zieht er „dämonisch“ an und reizt ähnliche Naturen zur Nachahmung auf; - dämonisch heißt hier: zum Trotz gegen Vorteil und Leben, zu Gunsten eines Gedankens und Triebes. Glaubt ihr denn, Tristan und Isolde gäben dadurch eine Lehre gegen den Ehebruch, daß sie Beide an ihm zu Grunde gehen? Dies hieße die Dichter auf den Kopf stellen: welche, wie namentlich Shakespeare, verliebt in die Leidenschaften an sich sind, und nicht am geringsten in ihre todbereiten Stimmungen: - jene, wo das Herz nicht fester mehr am Leben hängt, als ein Tropfen am Glase. Nicht die Schuld und deren schlimmer Ausgang liegt ihnen am Herzen, dem Shakespeare so wenig wie dem Sophokles (im Ajax, Philoktet, Ödipus): so leicht es gewesen wäre, in den genannten Fällen die Schuld zum Hebel des Dramas zu machen, so bestimmt ist dies gerade vermieden. Ebensowenig will der Tragödiendichter mit seinen Bildern des Lebens gegen das Leben einnehmen! Er ruft vielmehr: „es ist der Reiz allen Reizes, dieses aufregende, wechselnde, gefährliche, düstere und oft sonnendurchglühte Dasein! Es ist ein Abenteuer, zu leben, - nehmt diese oder jene Partei darin, immer wird es diesen Charakter behalten!“ - So spricht er aus einer unruhigen und kraftvollen Zeit heraus, die von ihrer Überfülle an Blut und Energie halb trunken und betäubt ist, - aus einer böseren Zeit heraus, als die unsere ist: weshalb wir nötig haben, uns den Zweck eines Shakespearischen Dramas erst zurecht und gerecht zu machen, das heißt, es nicht zu verstehen.“ (Friedrich Nietzsche, „Morgenröte“)
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No need to send tokens, I'm trying to just spread some truth and love for everyone. Love is the only answer, Hate only brings about cancer. Let Love be our energy as we shift into higher consciousness. We need unity and balance to succeed. I am not Racist, I love everybody on Earth both Good and Bad because there is good and bad in everyone. I am not Left or Right, Republican or Democratic they both have good points and extreme nonsense points. We need to meet in the middle the common ground that unites America again and then the World. Then Unites the World with Freedom and Liberty with equal opportunities for all. My name is Craig Hewlett, from Christchurch New Zealand. I'm a Truth Seeker, not Religious but Spiritual. I don't post selfie's, pictures of what I'm eating or naked women. I do post what I am watching or Reading on the Internet a Blog if you like of my journey of discovery. I also post Self Improvement, Motivational and Spiritual Memes and what I believe is the Truth, But I make NO claim that what I post is true it is just what I have been reading or watching. I am not a Communist supporter or a Nazi supporter and I am Not an Anti-Semite, there is good and bad in everyone and every group. Anything can be true or false depending on your perception. I believe we need balance in everything and that communication is needed so we can work out that balance. We need to let Love be our energy Not Fear. Once you start seeing the truth as it really is then you notice the same patterns all throughout history, that is to say the Human Race has been farmed by different Alien Races who are doing different experiments on different Earthlings. A lot of people will NOT like the truth I reveal but the truth is what it is, TRUTH. I believe in UFO's and Reptilian's that control our World. If you believe in the flat Earth and there are No Aliens, No Space, No Gravity that is fine but don't fill my posts with your negative comments or you will be blocked, positive posts and evidence I like but Name Calling gets people blocked. I believe MJ12 was formed after the Roswell UFO crash and since then the Secret World Government (Dark Cabal of Satanist's) has done a deal with the Negative Snake Federation of Reptilians, Greys, Insectoids (Mantis). The Reptilian Demons have taken over the World through Demonic Possession and greedy people selling their souls. There are however good Aliens (Beings of Light in the 5th dimension) who are here now helping Earth get rid of the Negative Beings but the Majority of Good Beings are on Higher Dimensions. There is plenty of evidence to support the Nazi UFO program during WW2 and a Moon Base they built then, this lead to the Secret Space Program which consists of 5 Major Factions. This is why NASA employee's lie and fake space video's and NASA started the Flat Earth nonsense to hide these Secret Space Programs and the technology that they use, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Teleportation and 3D printing Replicators that can produce Hot Food, Drugs, Healing Beds, Replacement Body Parts etc. A lot of people say it is fake and the photos are photoshopped but when you do the research there is more than enough proof that these programs are happening. It would certainly explain where the Pentagon missing Trillions are going to. http://thepromiserevealed.com/secret-space-program-photo-gallery/ The Deep State, Dark Cabal, Secret World Government, Illuminati, Satanic Zionist's are all part of the Reptilian Control System. There is a secret war going on right now between these Negative Alien Beings and the Positive Alien Beings like the Nordics, Pleiadians and Beings of Light. The Reptilian Demons are being removed and this is why they are trying their hardest to start World War 3. They can Astral Travel and their consciousness survives on the lower 4th dimension where the feed off Human Negative Energy like Hate, Fear and Sexual Perversion. This is why there are so many Child Sex Traffickers because they are supporting these Negative beings. The full disclosure is getting closer everyday but for now partial disclosure is happening because so many people could not handle the truth due to their closed minds. This is why these people say it is all fake and perhaps even the Earth is Flat and Gravity doesn't exist as it puts everything into a nice and tidy little box or as they say, a snow globe that is made of a glass dome 25,000 kilometers in diameter under a massive ocean of all space, the glass dome couldn't hold its own weight so under an ocean would be completely impossible. The firmament is the Aether field of the 4th dimension that separates the Spiritual 5th Dimension from the Physical 3rd Dimension. The Aether field is 1,000 times denser than steel and it is what supports the stars and electro gravity craft, it is also where free energy comes from the Zero Point Energy from the Aether is what the Sun is emitting Not photonic Light. The Sun is a giant Plasma Ball convert higher dimensio
The Observer is the Observed Passionate about all things plants. Polyculture, Herbalism, Plant Law, Garden Stone and Rockery A garden by a windy cliff #herbalism #garden #wildflower #secretgarden #isleoflewis #hebrides #permaculture #deepecology #environmental #ecology #regeneration #nature #spirit #beauty # Deep Ecology: An awareness of the oneness and interconnection of all life and its cycles of change and transformation.
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