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I'm that fustachioed furbrained oddity Velivian Fesothe, CEO of @FurShows, I'm a furry Lion/Rabbit. Soon to be a candidate for a Bolton UK election. Hopefully running for The Furry Party @FurrysParty.
location_onWesthoughton, England, United Kingdom
Dragon, mystic, strange. ... Benis.
A FUCKING WHITE MALE, egalitarian, anti-feminist, anti-SJW, anti-stupid, shitlord. Got a problem with that? I don't care!
Willkommen allerseits! My name's Fox Galt (formerly known as Azerty U. Iopqs), and I'm an anthropomorphic fox creature who promotes reason, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism on the Internet! I'm a student of Objectivism and I want to see more people taking the philosophy seriously, so I want to make content that offers an Objectivist perspective on modern culture and politics. So subscribe if that sounds interesting to you. And if it doesn't, then don't! And feel free to check out my other social media (Twatter DM's are always open to everyone, so it's the best way to get in contact with me). Regardless, thanks for checking out my profile and have a selfish day! ==Other Social Media== FurAffinity: Email: [email protected] *Social media list is exhaustive. **Opinions are my own. I represent no one but myself.
I like to joke around and speak my mind.
Westhoughton, England, United Kingdom
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Sep 2016
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