I've been around. Meeting spiritual beings, communication with angels, healing, gnosis, reincarnation, Divine harmony for starters. Living out the alient abduction thing living its truth. Operation Oxcart 1961 anyone remember? Men in black came to my house. Symbolism, skillful decoding. Iodine healing, anti parasite medicines, how to reclaim the body territory. Iodine and natural thyroid powder and how to use them. How to take iodine, what to expect. Oddball for sure! Happy to be different. [email protected] I encourage Minds members to email me. I probably wont be gong on chat, but I would like to discuss things with my friends. I spent 12 years on facebook, wasting time on the messenger. I can only try to do better now.
location_onSomewhere in Texas

I mostly work as a bartender & a waiter. I really like cashew nuts & martial arts. I'm into reading, gaming, photography & a bit into cooking. My all-time favorite shows are Game of Thrones & Rick & Morty.

Minnesota-based photographer specializing in landscape photography from around the world. I hope you enjoy my work and please leave a comment if you see something that speaks to you. As an artist I love it when people share their experiences with me. All photos are available (until sold out) as limited edition prints on my website: kellytatephotography.com

Planet Traveller! Whenever I travel around the world I post about my trips here! Photos and videos! I also love science and technology, I may post or comment a thing or two about it. Subscribe to me if you like my content

Somewhere in Texas
Jun 2018
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