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Crypto Anarchist, free thought, free speech, free software, free association, free markets, the freedom to bear arms and use them. I post spicy memes, guns, nerd stuff, political philosophy, internet privacy, crypto and occasional vidya. Will upvote T&A, 2D women are better than 3D. Morality is spook.

I am an avid self taught programmer (both front and back end) and skilled in. The realm of of both offensive and defensive cybersecurity and i am a proud supporter of the GNU project #LiveFreeOrDie

Meme page. N cats sometimes. Send dank memes Follow me on insta to FucknDruggo

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Banned from twitter, here to make frens i guess. no boomers allowed Discord: Cammy#4599 Instagram: animefriendo Poast: Cammy

Hi everybody. I am new here, and just wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I am also on Facebook but it seems that many people get offended very easily by the simplest things. You really cannot speak your mind in total truth on Facebook afterall without being jabbed at, labeled as someone your not or even banned. I have never been in the gulag on Facebook, but I know people that have for posts or comments that they just want to speak their mind and get their point out (Yes hunny, I’m looking at you lol). For example I am an avid shooter. I go to my local range 3-4x weekly if I can, sometimes more. I own five firearms and it’s a hobby that I am addicted too. I am very well educated on guns, their safety, carrying and so on. I posted a video of my new rifle and it took one person on my Facebook page to automatically label me as murderer. Basically they said “why do you have to own a gun?”, “oh so your gonna go shoot up a school now?” Shit like that shows the level of stupidity people have to just assume something like that. In my personal opinion? That person should get help Keep calm, and return fire”

Triangle Mafia's token pooka. I make videos with @danwolfgang. Avatar by @PolUnpurrect

Dec 2018
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