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Just a country bumpkin trying to seek some truth...

I run two companies, BLOT Gaming (A gaming review, news and article site) and Inkd Review (A tattoo shop review company) I'm a writer, a father, an entrepreneur, a manager, and a list of other fluffy things that make me sound like a productive person. I procrastinate far too much, especially for a business owner/writer. I prefer logic over chaos, deduction over guesswork and simplicity over complication. I love art and design.

Trang tin tức về tiền điện tử, cộng đồng Bitcoin và Blockchain lớn nhất tại Việt Nam, chia sẻ kiến thức về công nghệ, thị trường.

Graphic designer working freelance, I want to change this world so my children can have a better life than mine, but it's not so easy alone, i'am hopeless...

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Travelling around the west to understand better USA reality. I believe that local communities is the way to go in order to destroy the established matrix

Jun 2015
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