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DrewHenderson Cinema Photo Video is the creative team of Drew Reeves and Missy Henderson a New England based couple. Drew Reeves the Cinematographer, the guy who shoots and edits the video side of things and Missy Henderson the Photographer, the girl that takes pictures and photoshops them. We are available for events feel free to contact us Drewhenderson.smugmug.com or Email us [email protected] Merchandise links below www.redbubble.com/people/drewhenderson https://www.snapwi.re/user/DrewHenderson
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Compartment Trays Disposable are used in office settings and in many other settings, where they are put into drawers or closets to help organize the space. They are made of clear plastic and have a hinged, bottom-opening door. They are typically 4 inches wide, 8 inches long, and 4 inches deep.
Curly Jefferson is dead! BASIN SILT RECORDS (est. 2006) Vids and music from BSR and other bands/labels we have been involved in. SUPPPORT CREATORS! https://gab.com/giglbox https://www.youtube.com/user/giglbox https://www.minds.com/giglbox https://www.facebook.com/basinsiltrecords/ https://twitter.com/BasinSiltMusic https://pewtube.com/user/Basin_Silt_Records WE FOLLOW BACK ESPECIALLY MUSICIANS AND BANDS (not spammers...usually, i mean some spam is fun) THANK YOU FOR CHECKING US OUT! DEFINITELY SUPPORT @ottman SPECIAL THANKS TO: @legofreak446 @delastman @rufong @stevenjrocker @JohnMcKenzie
I explore trails, Photograph & Video nature, and enjoy life! All Original Images Here :) Current Camera setup: Camera Bodys: Canon R6, Panosonic GH5, Canon M50 Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 (for GH5 w/Viltrox Speedbooster) Canon 10-18mm Ultrawide f4-f5.6 (for m50 w/adapter) Canon 24-105mm f4 (for R6) Canon 32mm ef-m f1.4 (for m50) Lens Filters: Tiffen CPL, K&F Concepts ND Peak Design Slide-Lite strap EveCase XL Camera Bag Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Action Cam: Yi-Lite with full accessory kit Memory Cards: Angelbird 256gb V60 X2 Angelbird 64 gb V60 X2 SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB -=Longtime Supporters, Dedicated Subscribers, & Generous Donators=- @Chesschats @Kitch23 @Fishman @r3k4b @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @Tesilovo @goldpointe @LindaDM @FoxFox @Lowther @Slania @Jacquesmarchal @Eucelia_Gardens312 @Mikepickard Thank you for the continued support! Please check out their channels and subscribe!
Books. French fries. Conspiracies. Friends?
We've been herded methodically to conflict. Pushed to the edge on purpose. The call starting it, came from Loretta Lynch four years ago, she literally called for "blood in the streets"! . The "fear' they say they have of Republicans murdering them, is projection!!. Or building the justification for what they've been planning (guillotines) Black pilled from November 4th. Hi.
New Hampshire-based photography & video, covering a wide-spectrum from landscape, nature, astro photography, still life, street photography , documentaries, short films, and other artistic and creative projects. And @NHWoodsider , an outdoors channel covering hiking, nature-photography and videos!
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