"What 1 generation tolerates in moderation, the next will practice in excess." "Nothing in excess." "Eve did not bite the apple. Adam did, that's why it is stuck in HIS throat." "Don't confuse gender neutralization for gender equality." P.S I f***ing LOVE my President!!
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Oaken Goddess calls forth The breath of her boughs Only the stillest of hearts Hear her sacred sounds She invites us to dance In her sacred grove And shades each of us With her infinite Love * * * A Sanctuary. A Sacred and Safe Space For those who honour The Earth to refresh Their bodies, minds and spirits * * * Oaken Goddess Grove is one acre in area, located in what's been dubbed "The Riviera" of Southern California, and the property is dotted with a stand of mature native California Live Oaks. * These majestic trees were revered by the area's indigenous people, The Chumash, who enjoyed an abundant life, based on the plenitude of Nature (thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean climate). * Theirs was a complex social structure, that included women holding positions of leadership and honour. The indigenous name for their settlement was Syuxtun meaning "it splits", or "where the two trails run", referred to a fork in the main trail along the coast. * Just west of the mouth of Mission Creek lay the large Chumash town of Syuxtun, a political capital. The chief of this town also had authority over several other villages in the surrounding area. In 1542, when Cabrillo visited, the chief of Syuxtun was a woman. * Contemporary researchers are only now beginning to acknowledge that The Chumash peoples were advanced astronomers, among numerous other higher accomplishments. Theirs was an adept grasp of the design and construction of ocean-going vessels, some of which easily withstood the rigors of whaling in the open sea. * In addition to embracing the best healing and spiritual practices that the 21st Century has to offer, as founder of Oaken Goddess Grove, I seek to integrate the wisdom, lore and reverence of our Chumash predecessors in our center's mission and programming. * Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, we can learn from those who came before, and thus fortified, will we build a viable future, based on respect for The Earth, and for each other. * Our intention is to use "Star Dreaming" by Australian Indigenous Grandmother Biliwara Lee as a template for Oaken Goddess Grove. Shamans, healers, creatives and self-identified children of the Earth are welcome to contribute ideas. * All programmes and presentations will be strictly non-commercial (voluntary love-offerings accepted), in nature. Our physical address is a closely guarded secret available only to invited guests. * Current governmental policies and strictures have no bearing on our sanctuary of spirit, nor will we allow any actions that might give cause for suspicion that financial commerce on any level, is being conducted in our sacred space. * * *,8599,1960661,00.html *

Tree's are our ancestors. Who are you to cut them down?

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I speak because I'm afraid to be silent. With what is going on in the world, if we do not voice our opinions we will end up somewhere we really do not want to be. My website Freedom Of Thought GAB

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Glaswegian numpty Consider the end.

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