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Invite your friends to Minds.com and use it to full potential

mark doppelgänger 🛰️Jan 22, 2021, 6:42:16 PM

Cozy, practical platform for daily use

Discuss, hang out, and publish

A microblogging platform with extras: write long posts that you can edit, upload long video. The interface is pleasant and lightweight - navigating is a breeze. Most of the good activity happens in Groups - create one for your friends circle to hang out in.

The Tokens is our internal currency, connected to Ethereum blockchain. You earn tokens for being active, and you can purchase more. Spend tokens on Boosts, on Minds+ subscription, and on tipping good posters. With Tokens you can avoid connecting your bank or card and still keep promoting your content.

Boosting means promoting your content - a 1000 views for each token.

Minds+ is content monetization and extra options for your channel. Get that verification badge finally. For advanced users there's a next step: Minds Pro.

Last but not least, my favourite functionality: the Blog Posts. Create long form posts with images, formatting, links, etc. Similar to other blogging platforms like Wordpress - here without any setup, just click "Create Blog" when posting a new post, and off you go. To learn more see my Guide to blogging in 10 minutes.

Invite and sign-up are swift

Link your friend to a post of yours, or your profile, to encourage them to sign up - and get a small referral bonus later on. Send the link via DMs,  and post it to your other platforms - Tweet it, post it on Facebook, etc. The following content is for your newly invited friend:

Sign-up is straightforward; email address alone suffices. Pick username carefully - this one thing cannot be changed afterwards. Of course the screen name can be adjusted easily. Sign-up process encourages setting up avatar (profile picture) and providing phone number for verification; those are optional. Remember to check mailbox for message with the verification link - click and confirm it.

Last, set up the Direct Messages password. The DMs are encrypted for improved privacy, and use a separate password. This is one-time setup; store the password securely and you are good to go.

If your friend doesn't want to provide a phone number, sending a Token donation. This opens up his new profile to the public - a spam prevention measure holds a new, unconfirmed profile behind login wall.

Dark mode is the worst idea ever

But if you must, here goes: click on your avatar in upper right corner, select "Enter Dark Mode" from the menu. Hat tip to @qreczek.

I disavow thee


Help is swift and friendly

A new platform, a lot to find and ask about! The start is easy enough: see the icons in upper right corner? Post with the [+] button; check notifications with the bell 🔔 button; go to your Profile and Settings with the round button with your avatar 💡.

Now is the time to find people to follow. There is a search bar for users and posts on top of the screen ("Search Minds"); type your friend's name to find his profile. In upper right corner of his profile banner picture there is a (Subscribe) button to follow.

For each post you have options to Upvote 👍, Downvote 👎, Remind (repost to your timeline) 🔁 and post a comment 🗨. Finally there's options to Tip with Tokens.

For more advanced use you'll want to use the left menu: Wallet, to observe getting new Tokens; Analytics, to note your growing popularity; and Groups to hang out. Be sure to join the "Help & Support" official group (first on the list). You can ask for help & guidance with website and get responded typically in under 2 hours, usually faster than that.

Be sure to explore other Groups; most of good discourse happens there. There are thematic groups for hobbies and interests, and various viewpoints. You'll find a couple to fit your needs and tastes.

Collect tokens and post #magicbeans

While I'm writing this guide, the latest craze is the #magicbeans hastag: people preparing memes about that magic beans picture, and posting them around. By the time you invite your friends a new thing might be in the works. Join in the fun and share the joy. As you go about it, you collect ever more Tokens - and it gets enjoyable pretty fast.

Worth checking the official Guide to Using Minds - with links to further details on every functionality.

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