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Having stumbled upon this SN a few months ago from a post from the Venus Project, I decided to look it up and see how it measures up to others so here I am. I would like to use this platform and get my ideas POV across while maybe forming a connection with other people :) I will be tackling a great variety of topics, which I believe are relevant from a cultural point of view and has something worthy to add to our cultural heritage. Music, the arts, video games, films and even the simple musings of a mind that has to deal with life in a linear time in a certain geographical location ;) So my goal is: Thesaurus construction! Some time later... I started a youtube channel, trying to make people laugh. I got reported and shut down on facebook for it, so here I am to afflict you people with my "quality content" :D If you like movies but don't have the time to screen and filter the good from the bad, throw an eye my way, perhaps you will discover something good for you movie night/day ;)
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Nov 2018
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