Week 1, Nov 2018: I'm not far-right or alt-right. I'm a moderate conservative to the Left of Hitler. Week 3, Nov 2018: EDIT: I've seen enough over the last month to nudge me further to the Right. I'm now to the Right of Hitler, and wondering why he didn't annihilate all the communists. They lied to us about history, about Hitler and the Nazis... but he should have done exactly what they said he did to the enemies of mankind. 26 Nov 2018: EDIT: Gas everyone! Let's build a Nazi utopia and start again. VOTE ROBERT STERKESON 2024 https://youtube.com/watch?v=s17Zq_wGiv0

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Decorated Meme War Veteran Advanced Meme Magician Proud Kekistani Samurai QAnon Delta Force Operative #MAGA! #WWG1WGA! Let loose the frogs of war and REEEEEEEEEEE! #Kek #Kekistan #memes #memetics #MemeMagic #FuckFacebook

I have been researching and posting the truth out about the Deep state, the cabal, and the global Elite Elite treasonous trash for over 12 years. I dropped my Facebook account because I discovered it was a front for the CIA to gain information on Americans citizens, and my tweeter account was disabled after postting the truth about the Saudi Prince that now owns all the common stock in Twitter, and that he was involved in the inside job of 9/11. Some post I put out will not be favorable to some people, however I always encourage everyone to research, research, and research some more. This country is in a critical situation. And only the truth will help you understand what's really going on

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Nov 2018
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