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INTP "Amongst the trees I stand, escaping from the shadow of civilisations Travelling through the green maze and following the trail of stars Transcending into the oblivion I escape" Account created on April 6th 2017
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I am whatever the fuck you think I am.
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THE LEGEND - THE GODDESS - THE MYSTERY >>dOnT fOrGeT tO sUbScRiBe & ReMiNd, so others wont miss it! ;)
"In the name of our ancestors whose blood was spilled, death to those who would destroy our homes, rape our loved ones, and ruin our ancestral homelands, death to the shatterer of the tribe of Kaleva, death to the polluter of the Finnish people!" — Elias Simojoki I am a Finnish National Socialist, White Nationalist, Pagan (not Asatru), NS propagandist, translator, writer, researcher, artist, photographer, and pro-White activist. You can also find me on: https://gab.ai/w41n4m01n3n AND: https://www.stormfront.org
Aug 2018
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