Phương châm sống à? Cứ hâm lên mà sống, thích thì làm, yêu thì yêu. Sống thì phải thở. Thank for All, Thank everyone for Subscribed, watching, voting, sharing and reminds If you like my post. Support me, please WIRES TO ME ------------------------------------------- Group for you love animals, love, cute things: https://goo.gl/H3kCEj ---------------------------------------------- Group: Funny Viddeo and Photo https://goo.gl/duyL7X -------------------------------------------The students of Vietnam's mischievous, When leaving school they saved the photos as memories. That begins for a new future, A very long future https://goo.gl/UuHRoi -------------------------------------------- Group: YOUR MOVIES https://goo.gl/DXhqzQ
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