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Behind the calm, collected and sometimes indifferent outside appearance, I am a somewhat nervous individual. Complicated and elusive at first, I may seem aloof because I tend to internalize my emotions. I am an intellectual, a thinker: I am a walking, talking cerebrum! I am curious about everything. I tend to be quite skeptical and a bit of a loner. I may seem maladjusted, peculiar, severe or possessive but I can also be warm and sociable.

Created in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rich Boys Toys helps its individual and corporate members realize the possible. Offering high-end, private concierge services, we boast a global network allowing us to procure and deliver the rarest items and experiences to our clients and members. Whether you want a customized car like the one featured in the famous Batman series, a private Caribbean Island, or a table at your favorite exclusive Paris restaurant, Rich Boys Toys sets and exceeds industry standards, as well as individual expectations.

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Welcome to #LandMinds! Viral reach spreading outside of #Minds! Plant your Land Minds to spread the social revolution! This is a decentralized, cryptic, slap-tagging game with prizes and many ways to participate. Get working on creating your own stickers, flyers, or looking for methods to participate and start winning points! Step 1: Choose LandMinds https://www.minds.com/blog/view/530150021585182720 Step 2: Print & Stick! (We have paste tutorials) (; Step 3: Make sure to take a picture of your work before you leave the scene. Tag @Land_Minds / #LandMinds in the description of your post! Step 4: Profit in sweet sweet Minds points! We're starting with a pregame, purely to load up cities with taggers before we begin the official game. THANK YOU to #LandMinders already kicking some serious butt to get the game off the ground, (well, maybe on the ground depending how you look at it). For alternative methods of participation: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/543345488481492992 And take a few minutes to read some of our suggestions: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/5298857155724697

Film Director - MIDI Composer - Author - Writer - Poet - Painter - Sculptor - Actor Coach - Shaman in Love

May 2016
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