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mostly I just talk shite 馃憤馃徎 post some pictures no malice or harm intended.. I鈥檓 not a conspiracy theorist I do however question confirmed liars
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We鈥檙e a crime fighting, reptilian slaying team dedicated to fighting evil, ignorance, oppression, injustice and various other crimes against humanity. http://truthertalk.com/ https://www.paypal.me/TrutherTalk

This is for you "basement dwelling" "deplorables" Truth seekers alike who are willing to find truth where ever it may lead. I invite you to come down the rabbit hole. From #politics to #philosophy to #pizzagate to #governmentprograms to #governmentprogramming #MKultra , #news #fakenews #Science #psychicspies #newtechnology #History #secretsocieties #remoteviewing #wikileaks etc. I am a big fan of wikileaks so bring it. Bring your links if you got them to share.. Cussing IS allowed. I just ask that you don't kill each other in here. I encourage research and sharing the crap out of everything everywhere. Use your judgement. Here we go!

A channel dedicated to examining the relationship between Myth and Love by sharing some of the greatest love stories in Mythology and World Renown and its Music Maestro! 3n1gma Images off the net most from Tumblr, FB or Pinterest if they are yours and wish them removed send me a DM All Mythology can be found at GreekMythology,com [I simply add additional details] not here for DRAMA keep it moving Any Scorpios? hmu I embody Mesperyian let's have fun!

Having fun outdoors, being a family, learning and teaching about the outdoors.

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Hey there, I'm Emma from Florida I love Music and Songs so, I started a Youtube channel If you like it visit my Youtube Channel and enjoy and subscribe for more Music and Songs. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkAynW3oTCdm7NLH-8Srbg?sub_confirmation=1

Scotland, United Kingdom
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Jun 2015
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