The purpose for my MINDS public page is to reveal biblical prophecies concerning worldwide end time events which shall come to pass. The Holy Scriptures are filled with prophetic events that still hasn't been fulfilled. The Word of Truth is filled with prophecies indicating we’re getting closer to the end of the age. As believers in the Body of Christ, we are instructed by the Holy Spirit to study the Holy Scriptures. It's necessary as believers in Christ we stay up to date with worldwide current events. Let's not allow ourselves to lack any knowledge of the signs of the end times. Jesus did instruct us to WATCH and PRAY. Therefore, let's be diligent seekers of truth in the Lord. This way we can have an answer to anyone who may not understand biblical prophecy end time events. I pray that we all can grow together through Christ in our understanding of the Signs of the End Times. May the Lord continue to bless us all with His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation of His will, ways, and thoughts that brings our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ glory alone. Amen. Servant of God, Elder Daniel Suarez Love Never Fails
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