I have worked as a color specialist for various print & design companies for the last decade. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with duel bachelor degrees in interactive multimedia and fine arts painting with a minor in photography. I work in a diverse array of mediums: Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, latex, spray), Photography, Drawing (colored pencil, oil marker, fine point pen, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal) Sculpture(Clay, paper-mache, digital) Graphic Design (logos, Icons, front end design,3D). Current Art for sale on EBAY: https://tinyurl.com/yb5xubcz I am always looking for support: https://www.patreon.com/DanielSoderberg I post to the following groups: #Photography #SurrealistArt #Drawing #Painting #Cloudphotos #BBQ #Writing #Sculpture #Flowers
I'm an amateur photographer based in Portugal. Black and whites, nature, skies and decay is what I like to work with. Cheers!
Studying to get better at drawing!
Hello everyone my name is Sam. I'll be posting my photography (mainly from Japan), music I wrote, and music I like. Enjoy, and if you like my content please subscribe!:)
The Survival Outpost is a unique marketplace for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, military personnel and anyone living a self sufficient lifestyle.
Navy Veteran (Submarines), Gamer geek, shitposter. CCC writer, and creator of other DnD content. International Man of Mystery http://www.twitch.tv/navy_dm/
Beer, Whiskey, Food, Footy, Running, Freedom, The South, Politics - stuff like that. Don't @ me.
French teacher and translator. Art and nature admirer :) Learning new things keeps me motivated...
Aug 2017
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